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Client Stories

At Fusion we actively encourage our staff to keep track of progress of their clients and request them to send stories of women who are doing extraordinary work. We strongly feel with this nature of engagement will better realize the real impact of their work and will may strength their resolve to work for betterment of the financially excluded classes. Below are some of the stories sent by our branch staff – most of the time in vernacular language.

Munni Devi
Munni Devi, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

Fusion Microfinance has played a vital role in the life of Munni in becoming a successful entrepreneur. It was a tough life for her being a widow. She used to run a vegetable shop along with her son. Her family income was merely Rs. 4500 per month. The education of the children and quality food was something which they could not afford. Her life took a turn when she used her first loan from Fusion to expand her business. She increased the number of vegetables in the shop. When they started doing well financially, they focussed their attention on saving money and education of their children. Gradually, her income increased to Rs. 9000 per month. Once they reached financial stability, they bought a motorcycle for the shop to make their work easier.

Rekha Srivastav
Rekha Srivastav- Surajpur, Chhattisgarh

Rekha owns a beauty parlour in a small village in Chhattisgarh. Her husband works as a driver. Their collective income was not sufficient for a family of four people. The school fees increased with the time that added burden to their woes. Sometimes, the cost of medicine and the doctor seemed a lot. She took a loan from Fusion Microfinance and invested in the parlour. She made her parlour all stocked up with beauty products and made it look more welcoming. As a result, it garnered customers' attention. Customers increased and so as the income. After a time, the earning became stable. Her association with Fusion is for three years now. She paid her loan on time and took subsequent loans for business expansion. She has employed one helper from the community as well. They have bought a cycle and a motorcycle. She takes equal participation in family decisions. She is thankful to Fusion for a happy life she is leading.

Seema Katyal
Seema Katyal, Bela, Satna, MP

Seema and her husband run a Hardware shop at Bela village in Satna, Madhya Pradesh. She took a loan from Fusion for expansion. There was no source of income during nationwide lockdown due to Coronavirus. Financial crises created tension at home. Seema was trained in tailoring under 'Jivika - Skilling Program', one of the CSR initiatives of Fusion. She had also received a sewing machine from Fusion. Considering the pandemic, Fusion provided an economic opportunity by engaging her in sewing cloth masks. She earned close to 60k within three months. Her entire family supported her in producing the masks. She utilized the earnings for household expenses and saved some for the future. She even used her income to make masks and distribute it to the people in her community. She is thankful to Fusion for making her economically independent in such a critical situation.

Poongodi - Pondicherry

“I used to work at a garment shop with my husband. We were salaried employees, but the earning was not enough for a family of four people. We have two daughters who are currently studying. But due to our low income, it was becoming difficult to continue their education. Sometimes, when we fell sick we couldn't even afford to see a doctor. The financial crisis led to tensions at home due to which we were always stressed out. When we came to know about Fusion’s financial services, we decided to have a shop of our own. There were not many garment shops in the locality so we used our first loan to open one. Gradually, it gained more prominence and since there was no lack of customers we started earning well. The improved financial status helped us overcome many problems, most importantly our children's education. Both daughters are doing well in their studies. The eldest one is pursuing nursing and will be financially independent soon. I cannot forget how Fusion helped in my darkest times with its constant support”.

Rinki Kumari
Rinki Kumari - Samastipur, Bihar

“Our household income was inadequate from the flour mill that my husband used to run. We were struggling with the household expenses and paying school fees of our three children. We came to know about Fusion and decided to take a loan to improve the business. With our first loan, we installed a better machine resulting in catering more customers of the neighbourhood. With time, it started paying well. I also started working in the mill, along with my husband. It has been more than three years now the company has helped us increase our income, ensure continuous education of the children and a better lifestyle. I am happy about the fact that I am contributing to the betterment of my family”.

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