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Employees Speak

Sumit Pal
Sumit Pal – Deputy Manager – Head Office

I have been associated with Fusion since 2015. This journey of 5 years has been fruitful in terms of learning opportunities and career progression. At Fusion Microfinance, I have been fortunate to work with some of brilliant minds. Our seniors provide have been supportive and available to us at every step. I am grateful for the opportunity and guidance I received. I am looking forward for many more years of learning and growth.

Ashu Sood
Ashu Sood – Assistant Manager – Head Office

I have been associated with Fusion since 2016. I have been given multiple learning opportunities with flexible work to complete any work challenge along with career growth. It encourages us to work with more enthusiasm with support from seniors always. Fusion is an excellent place to work especially for women with a friendly atmosphere. I am delighted and take pride to be part of Fusion.

Narayan Ganguly
Narayan Ganguly – Deputy Manager – Head Office

My journey with Fusion started in 2015 as Assistant Manager Operations. My journey through different responsibilities has been extremely fulfilling and enriching. Fusion has provided the space to put my innovative ideas forward, take up challenging tasks, have a solution-oriented mind-set which in turn lets and employee emerge as winner. Our company has friendly and positive work environment. The management is reachable and has a very keen interest in overall development of an employee. The team here is like family and it is a joy to come to work each day. Hossain sir is the best mentor I have ever had in my career. I would like to thank specially Devesh Sir that he took care of each and every employee during this pandemic. I feel myself privileged to be a part of this company.

Ravikant khuswaha
Ravikant khuswaha – Assistant Manager – Bhopal

“5 years back, I have started my journey with Fusion in July 2015. The key reason for me to be part of Fusion is that the environment is not only supportive but fosters and cultivates growth. My work experience at Fusion has taught me to have a positive approach towards situations in turn enhancing decision making skills. This has been the only company I have worked for, where I can confidently bring up ideas, questions, and concerns with not just my immediate manager but with all the seniors. In times of COVID-19, Fusion was one of the first companies to implement a mandatory work-from-home policy. The leadership was very clear that health and safety came first. Working in Fusion I feel more confident in choosing a career path that suits me.

Satyendra Singh
Satyendra Singh – Assistant Manager – Head Office

My Journey with Fusion started 7 years back. Since then I have enjoyed my work together with my Team members. The work culture in Fusion enables an individual to excel in life. I joined Fusion as a Data Entry Operator and then climbed the ladders to be part for Collection team as an Assistant Manager. Work Hard, have a solution-oriented mindset and rest will be taken care by Management. That is the confidence level Fusion brings out in its employees. 7 years 3 months have passed since I joined and still it seems to me that only a year has passed. Every day there is a new learning.

Shivam Shukla
Shivam Shukla – Assistant Manager – Head Office

The journey with Fusion started 5 years back as an IT Executive. Being part of a company where discussions on any topic is a prerequisite, I learnt problem solving skills and importance of teamwork. With various IT related transformation taking place during the tenure I was able to enhance my skills related to IT infrastructure and Security. The culture in Fusion enables the employee to enjoy the work.

Ramesh Chaubey
Ramesh Chaubey – DVP – Bhopal, R.O

In the span of 10 years, there were instances which were nearly impossible to get through without the support of my team and management. It has not only made us insulated but also prepared for future. This has given me confidence and realization that we are working in an organization which strongly believes in the values laid by this organization. Fusion provides a conducive work environment. This organization has been sensitive towards maintaining a comprehensive work life balance. The working with the organization has been enriching and rewarding. The experiences and memories I have gathered, would last with me forever.

Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar – Regional Manager – U.K.

I have been working with Fusion Microfinance from the last Seven years (2013) and find it to be a great place to work. The exposure I have received has improved my learning curve and growth over years. This is a place where talent and hard work are recognized. Fusion has provided us a culture where employees take ownership of their work and learn in multiple ways. Fusion has helped me bring positive changes in every aspect of my life. I am thankful to my seniors and the leadership team, who are always available for guidance. I am enjoying my journey with Fusion and wish to continue it n future as well.

Parthiban.P – Assistant Manager – Trichy

At the outset, I am very much proud to be a part of the Fusion family. I have been serving as Regional trainer of the south for 2 years almost. Apart from giving training, I am feel valued and accommodated by the employees. This organization practices people centric approach that involves belongingness and ease to approach to discuss many aspects such as career growth and improvement. This drives motivation in me to provide my best support at any time of the day by all means. My achievement is the outcome of constant support and learning imparted in me. It is an honor to be a part of this family.

Amit Malik
Amit Malik – Deputy Manager – Head Office

Dear All, I am delighted to share my experience of 2 years and still counting in this organization. I am thankful to Fusion for giving me immense exposure of Microfinance Industry. As I came from a Non domain background, I have learned and excelled in Microfinance domain without any hiccups. I feel fortunate that I am contributing social cause by helping socially deprived section of the society and eventually to our nation. As we grow together, I take pride to be part of Fusion Family.

Arun Tyagi
Arun Tyagi – Divisional Manager – U.P.

I have been associated with Fusion since last 10 years, its inception. It has been a fantastic journey with such a great organization. The organizational culture and diversity have taught me a lot about all business aspects such as Operational Strategies, business expansion, feasibility check, flawless execution and customer centricity etc. Being a leading MFI in our country we have built synergy and striving hard to achieve common goal, trying to set a benchmark in Micro finance sector. With such a diverse team we will make it more robust with the aim of high outreach to inner most rural areas too. I must be thankful to my all seniors for their great cooperation and guidance. Also support of my colleagues and subordinate has been amazing.

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