Transcript – FY2022-23 Q3 Earnings Conference Call
Newspaper Publication of Unaudited Financial Results_13.02.2023
Audio Recording – FY2022-23 Q3 Earnings Conference Call
Investor Presentation
Press Release Initimation
Statement of Deviation – Equity
Statement of Deviation – Debt
Un-Audited Financial Results_December 31, 2022
Outcome of the Board Meeting
Outcome of Board Meeting_24thJanuary2023
Credit Rating Re-affirmation_28.01.2023
Prior Intimation of Board Meeting_03.02.2023
Schedule of Earnings conference call_10.02.2023
Received Award-Microfinance Organization of the Year(Large) 2022_17.01.2023
Upgrade in Credit rating_28.12.2022
Appointment of Registrar & Share Transfer Agent _23.12.2022
Upgrade in Credit rating_12.12.2022
Disclosure of Related Party Transactions_September 30,2022
Change in Email ID of the company_07.12.2022
Newspaper Publication of Financial results _29.11.2022
Transcript – FY2022-23 Q2 Earnings Conference Call
Audio Recording – FY2022-23 Q2 Earnings Conference Call
Investor Presentation 28.11.2022
Press Release 28.11.2022
Intimation of Fund Raising 28.11.2022
Outcome of Board Meeting 28.11.2022
Statement of Deviation 28.11.2022
Submission of Financial Results_28.11.2022
Intimation of Board Meeting 12.08.2022
Statement of Deviation_30.06.2022
Intimation of Board Meeting_06.05.2022
Statement of Deviation_31.03.2022
Statement of Deviation_31.12.2021
Intimation of Board Meeting_14.02.2022
Statement of Deviation_30.09.2021
Intimation of Board Meeting_27.10.2021
Outcome of Board Meeting_05.10.2021
Intimation of change of director_22_SEP_2021
BSE Intimation_Regulation 13(3)_June 2021
BSE Intimation_Regulation 13(3)_March 2021
BSE Intimation_Regulation 7(3)_March 2021
BSE Intimation_01.04.2021
BSE Intimation_April 2021
BSE Intimation_31.03.2021
BSE Intimation_30.03.2021
BSE Intimation_19.03.2021
BSE Intimation_15.03.2021
BSE Intimation_10.03.2021
BSE Intimation_01.03.2021
BSE Intimation_March 2021
BSE Intimation_28.02.2021
BSE Intimation_26.02.2021
BSE Intimation_19.02.2021
BSE Intimation_12.02.2021
BSE Intimation_Intention to raise funds (6)
BSE Intimation_01.02.2021
BSE Intimation_February_2021
BSE Intimation_30.01.2021
BSE Intimation_29.01.2021
BSE Intimation_21.01.2021
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BSE Intimation_01.01.2021
BSE Intimation_January 2021
BSE Intimation_31.12.2020
BSE Intimation_30.12.2020
BSE Intimation_19.12.2020
BSE Intimation_10.12.2020
BSE Intimation_01.12.2020
BSE Intimation_December 2020
BSE Intimation_27.11.2020
BSE Intimation_23.11.2020 Clarification on record date
BSE Intimation_19.11.2020
BSE Intimation_16.11.2020
BSE Intimation_10.11.2020 Certificate from Debenture Trustee
BSE Intimation_09.11.2020 Unaudited Financial Results
BSE Intimation_09.11.2020 Regulation 52(7)_Material Deviations
BSE Intimation_04.11.2020 Board Meeting and Intimation for raising funds
BSE Intimation_November 2020
BSE Intimation_31.10.2020 and 02.11.2020
BSE Intimation_29.10.2020
BSE Intimation_12.10.2020
BSE Intimation_Regulation 7(3)
BSE Intimation_01.10.2020
BSE Intimation_October 2020
BSE Intimation_30.09.2020
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BSE Intimation_19.09.2020
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BSE Intimation_09.09.2020
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BSE Intimation_01.09.2020
BSE Intimation_September 2020
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BSE Intimation_August 2020 (2)
BSE Intimation_03.08.2020
BSE Intimation_August 2020
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BSE Intimation_19.07.2020
BSE Intimation_July 2020 – 19.07.2020
BSE Intimation_07.07.2020
BSE Intimation_01.07.2020
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BSE Intimation_Intention to raise funds (2)
BSE Intimation_July 2020 (2)
BSE Intimation_July 2020
BSE Intimation_Intimation for board meeting on financials
BSE Intimation 31_Large Entity
BSE Intimation_Intention to raise funds
BSE Intimation_01.06.2020
BSE Intimation_June 2020
BSE Intimation_29.05.2020
BSE Intimation_15.05.2020
BSE Intimation_01.05.2020
BSE Intimation_May 2020
BSE Intimation_07.04.2020
BSE Intimation_02.04.2020
BSE Intimation_07.04.2020
BSE Intimation_10.03.2020
BSE Intimation_March 2020
BSE Intimation_03.02.2020
BSE Intimation_December 2019
BSE Intimation_Intention to raise funds
BSE Intimation_01.11.2019
BSE Intimation_private placement of debt securities_September 2019
BSE Intimation_14.09.2019
BSE Intimation_02.09.2019
BSE Intimation_30.08.2019
BSE Intimation_29.08.2019
BSE Intimation_01.08.2019
BSE Intimation_August 01, 2019
BSE Intimation_08.07.2019
BSE Intimation_July 2019
BSE Intimation_03.06.2019
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